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A Hands On Approach

We believe that what separates CEB ABL Audit Group from our competition is our hands-on approach in the performance of due diligence audits. There are times when our clients need to speak to service providers who can offer them reliable insightful strategies and recommendations on how to better manage and maintain their customers. Our clients know they can always turn to CEB ABL Audit Group for such professional support.

Most audit-consulting firms do not perform in-depth collateral or system analysis to determine if their clients’ accounts are worth lending on or retaining. This often leads to unforeseen financial burden on the lending institution.

Financial institutions often close loan deals that are later found to be detrimental to them because most audit firms flood the institutions with numbers without the critical analysis and assessments that should accompany the numbers to the decision making tables.

That is why most financial institutions count on CEB ABL Audit Group to:

  • Review and analyze their accounts management information systems
  • Review and analyze their accounts books and records to determine their adequacy for the financial institution’s lending purposes
  • Assess and compile a historical database of the performance of their accounts collateral for lending purposes
  • Determine and recommend what advance rate financial institutions can expend to their accounts based on our analysis.

Just like most big five consulting firms and quite unlike most independent audit consulting firms, we present our clients with our errors and omissions insurance for added security and enhancing their confidence in our firm to perform due diligence audits on multi-million dollar companies.


The staff at CEB ABL Audit Group is mandated to enroll in continuing education courses. This practice has been very beneficial to the company because it enables our staff to further improve their auditing skills in order to embrace the big entrenched financial consulting firms in the industry rather than compete against them. This has been one of the keys to our dynamism. Furthermore, this has enabled us to continue to supercede our competitors in the industry. With years of experience in ABL audits, we strive to create new and more powerful ways to enhance our growth potentials.

We afford lending institutions the opportunity to save as recruiting, training, and benefit expenses continue to soar. We present competitively priced fees to our clients for services rendered. Additional discounts on these fees that are proportionate to the volume of audit assignments received from respective clients are also taken as applicable.

We present our clients with the peace of mind needed to refocus their efforts on booking new loans and analyzing our audit findings and recommendations instead of dealing with employee turnover and training issues. CEB ABL Audit Group will honor and respect your position in our role in your business. We humbly employ you and your institution to put our experience to work for you.

Lending institutions are increasingly aware of the various advantages of outsourcing. CEB ABL Audit Group acts as supplements to these institutions’ audit departments. We continue to tackle challenging work assignments, matched with our experienced examiners capabilities through our areas of emphasis which include but are not limited to the following:




Steel Processing






Professional Services

Health Care


Government Services

Maintenance Revenue


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